In Line filters-The best way to simplify filter maintenance on hot melt lines. The quick change in-line filter assembly (compatible with Nordson/Saturn) delivers easy access to the filter, when it has to be changed. Used to reduce nozzle clogging and subsequent downtime, in-line filters can be easily replaced as part of routine, scheduled maintenance.

Easy Replacement

The in-line filter assembly can be installed in straight, 45° and 90° configurations to permit filter accessibility. The inside-out disposable filter is replaced without having to disconnect the hose from the gun. The disposable filter cartridge is a threaded element that simply screws in or out for easy removal or installation on a pressure-purged hot melt adhesive system.


  • Filter replacement without disconnecting the hose and gun.
  • Filter can be positioned for easy accessibility.
  • Disposable filter element.
  • Inside-out filter flow traps contaminants for discard with the disposable filter cartridge.