Dry line lubrication has received a lot of press in the last few months. Line lubrication keeps conveyers that carry cans and bottles clean, and lubricated. Historically plants have used wet line lube, and the bottling plants may use a lot of water a week as part of the lube process.

SMART TRACK from AFCO replaces conventional wet chain lubrication, for bottling lines with a green and highly effective technology. It uses an incredible 98% less chemical, while reducing the usage of water by nearly 100%. An average sized bottling plant needs about, 2,600 gallons of conventional lubricants per year to keep its bottles moving on the conveyor belts -SMART TRACK uses about 40 gallons to do so. Because Smart Track is not diluted prior to use, the water saved during one year of dry lubrication in such a plant, as much as 800,000 gallons, could fill 2 Olympic swimming pools.