For best results:

Check to make sure the glue gun is designed to work with the hot melt glue sticks you are planning to use.

  • Make sure the sticks are the right choice for the substrates you are planning to bond.
  • Use the correct diameter hot melt stick for the glue gun in use.
  • Use low temperature glue sticks in low-temp glue guns.
  • Use high temperature glue sticks in hot melt glue guns.

Plug in the glue gun. If the gun has a power switch, turn it on.

Make sure the glue gun is in a safe place. It should be placed in an area that is safe from people being burned. The glue gun should be on a heatproof or metal surface to catch hot glue that may drip from the gun.

When the glue gun has had time to heat up to the operating temperature, place one glue stick in the back of the gun. Slowly squeeze the glue gun's trigger to move the glue stick into place.

At this point the glue will begin to melt by the nozzle. The glue gun is ready for use when hot glue begins coming from the nozzle. Squeeze the trigger gently to begin the flow of hot glue. Hold the glue gun about l/4-inch from the substrates you are gluing. Avoid touching the item directly with the hot nozzle. Allow small droplets or a thin line of glue to flow onto the surface.

When finished putting down the required amount of adhesive release the trigger and move the glue gun back to the holding area.

Compress the items together as needed. Let the hot melt glue cool and set on the substrates.

Immediately after use, take unplug the gun and clean the nozzle, and put the glue gun back in the holding area