DISSOLV-X is one of the most unique and versatile products ever developed. It is an organic citrus cleaner that is used for a wide variety of industrial cleaning applications. DISSOLV-X effectively removes char and residue from hot melt parts and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) from bottle labeling equipment. In addition, Dissolv-X removes grease, paint, adhesive tape, epoxy and ink from most surfaces. It is also a great concrete cleaner.

Best results are obtained when DISSOLV-X is used at room temperature.



DISSOLV-X can be used as a replacement for petroleum and solvent based products to clean hot melt parts. DISSOLV-X is used at room temperature; no need to heat Dissolv-X when soak cleaning hot melt parts. This non-hazardous, cold cleaning agent provides a safer work environment for employees plus DISSOLV-X has proven to be a much more effective cleaner.


Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) will dissolve quickly when cleaning vacuum drums and hard surfaces on bottle labeling equipment. DISSOLV-X is a valuable CLEANER for removal of adhesives from various surfaces such as tools, conveyer lines and guide rails.


Use DISSOLV-X for cleaning concrete. DISSOLV-X is used extensively in removing oil, grease, paint, forklift tire marks and road film from concrete surfaces.


Dissolv-X reduces rust on metal surfaces and cleans stainless steel.

Not recommended for PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, natural rubber, neoprene.
As with any organic cleaner, gloves should be worn to protect against skin dryness and irritation.

Note: The above information is offered for your consideration and verification. This does not in any way constitute a warranty for legal responsibility on the part of Premier Packaging Solutions in the event of incidental consequential damages or loss arising from the use of this product. We recommend each prospective user test and qualify this product before repetitive use.