Regular preventative maintenance is essential to keep hot melt equipment at peak performance, and productivity as high as possible. Most downtime can be avoided by preventative maintenance, which saves money, and creates more uptime and less need for replacement of costly equipment and parts.

New technologies such as low temperature EVA and Metallocene, which typically run cleaner than previous hot melt formulations, can lead us to think hot melt tank cleaning is no longer necessary. This is far from the truth as most char is caused by foreign material introduced to the tank or simply dust, dirt and product in the plant environment.

Premier Packaging Solutions and all hot melt equipment manufacturers recommend all hot melt systems be cleaned and purged a minimum of every three months, or each time a customer changes adhesives.

This type of consistent preventative maintenance will:

  1. Maximize Efficiency - Over time normal wear and tear creates reduced efficiencies such as restricted hot melt flow and inaccurate bead placement.
  2. Increase Machine Life - Regular cleaning extends the life of equipment by reducing slow pump stroke, nozzle clogs and premature hose failures.
  3. Minimize Down Time - Helps avoid contamination that results in plugged nozzles and charring pots.
  4. Save Time - Preventative maintenance takes less time and money than emergency troubleshooting and repairs.
  5. Produce Long-Term Savings - Reduces maintenance and unscheduled shutdowns.
  6. Safety – Maintaining peak performance helps avoid emergency maintenance calls which can cause hurried, unsafe repair situations.

Hot melt cleaners are formulated to keep hot melt glue applicators working at optimum efficiency. Although they are powerful, these hot melt cleaners are also suitable for cleaning delicate hot melt glue guns, modules, and nozzles as well as machine parts and tools.

Cleaning degraded hot melts and char from the tanks and hoses is best accomplished with our purging compounds.

SAF-T PURGE 200 and SAF-T PURGE 300 are excellent products for these applications. Both of these hot melt tank purges are suitable for circulation and non-circulating hot melt units and are highly regarded in the packaging, converting and graphics industry. They are designed to heat up to application temperature to work most effectively.

SAF-T PURGE 200 is a non-hazardous hot melt tank purge designed to remove char and contaminants from hot melt tanks and hoses that use standard EVA products.

SAF-T PURGE 300 is a non-hazardous hot melt tank cleaner designed to remove char and contaminants for PUR and Polyamide applications. This product comes in a viscous gel form and becomes liquid when heated.

DISSOLV-X is an organic citrus-based cleaner formulated to be applied at room temperature. DISSOLV-X allows the hot melt to soften, followed by manual cleaning for product removal. Just coat with a thin layer of DISSOLV-X and allow a few minutes to penetrate. In cases of extreme build-up it may take more than one application to penetrate the adhesive. DISSOLV-X is especially effective for clean-up of pressure sensitive (PSA) label adhesive and as a parts soak/cleaner for all types of adhesives.