Hot Melt Modules

Hot melt modules are the components that control the application of adhesive onto the substrate. Premier Packaging Solutions (PPS) offers OEM compatible hot melt modules designed for various applications that require precisely controlled amounts of hot melt onto the substrate.

Hot melt modules are extrusion valves available in air open/spring close, or air open/air close versions. Each has its purpose and are available in various configurations:

  • Apply beads, swirl/spray or slot coating patterns...
  • Built-in nozzle or threaded end for different sized orifice nozzles
  • Accept straight, right angle or multi-orifice nozzles
  • Standard classic, zero cavity, mini-module

With common hot melt modules, opening and closing is performed within the module by a needle. In this process a small amount of glue remains in the nozzle.Depending on the set-up, there is a chance that this will lead to hot melt dripping from the module after the needle is seated.

Zero cavity modules, such as Premier Packaging’s P100ZA, eliminate dripping by seating the needle directly into the integrating nozzle orifice. The adhesive is pushed completely through the nozzle cavity eliminating any adhesive to drip.

PPS Hot Melt Modules Offer:

  • All Major OEM compatibility: Nordson, ITW, Valco/Melton
  • Guaranteed/Warrantied performance
  • Excellent long life operation
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Clean cut-off at nozzle
  • Uniform consistent application
  • Quick component setup and replacement