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Premier Packaging Solutions hot melt hoses are made of durable, high heat resistant material. The most vital component of a hot melt hose is the core that the adhesive travels through. Premier Packaging Solutions hot melt hoses are made of high grade Teflon tubing reinforced by stainless steel braiding around the outer surface of the core. The tubing is highly resistant to acids, solvents and hydrocarbons and the stainless steel braid ensures resistance to pressure, flex, vibration, and heat. The outsides of our hot melt hoses are covered with rugged braided polyester. This covering is abrasion resistant which extends the life of the hose.

All Premier Packaging Solutions hot melt hoses are pressure tested in excess of recommended operating parameters to ensure reliability and performance under extreme conditions.

Hot melt hoses are heated to ensure hot melt liquidity and temperature, as hot melt travels the length of the hose. Our hoses are precision wound and calibrated with RTD temperature sensors for thermal accuracy which provides consistent viscosity and flow rates.

Premier Packaging Solutions produce both standard and wash down hot melt hoses. Wash down hoses are water resistant for areas that require water sanitation procedures. They are made water resistant with flexible sleeves, water tight end cuffs and electrical conduit and fittings. PPS carries a quality product line of standard and wash-down hoses in a variety of sizes.

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