"The perfect cleaner and degreaser for removing Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts and related char!"


You asked for it and now we have it!

Melt-O-Clean is a multi purpose cleaner and degreaser. It is an organic citrus cleaner that is widely used for cleaning hot melt from bottle labeling equipment and removing char and deposits from hot melt parts.

Melt-O-Clean is especially effective for removing pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) from bottle labeling equipment. It was formulated to clean Euromelt 377 and Euromelt 396C and other pressure sensitive hot melts from bottle labeling equipment. Melt-O-Clean is recommended in areas where most types of water-based and/or hot melt adhesives are used. In addition, Melt-O-Clean removes grease, paint, adhesive tape, epoxy and ink from most surfaces.

Melt-O-Clean is classified by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

Best results are obtained when Melt-O-Clean is used at room temperature.

MELT-O-CLEAN Benefits:


  • Melt-O-Clean is great for cleaning Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) off vacuum drums and hard surfaces on bottle labeling equipment. In addition Melt-O-Clean is a respected CLEANER for adhesive elimination from various other equipment surfaces.



  • Melt-O-Clean can be used for cleaning machine surfaces, application units and general machinery, to remove residual adhesive, and heavy grease and grime. Simply spray the affected area and allow Melt-O-Clean to sit for a few minutes. Remove the Melt-O-Clean with a cloth and repeat the procedure as needed.
  • Melt-O-Clean can be used instead of solvent based products to clean hot melt parts. Melt-O-Clean is used at room temperature; so there no need to heat it. Put the dirty parts into a container of Melt-O-Clean overnight, wipe off the parts and grease and residue should be gone. This non-hazardous, cold cleaning agent provides a safer work environment for employees plus Melt-O-Clean has proven to be a very effective cleaner and degreaser.
  • Char caused by overheating can be removed with Melt-O-Clean. It is very effective at removing char without heating. It is based on natural ingredients, and facilitates manual cleaning even in the case of obvious and deep charring.
  • If new nozzles, hoses or modules are needed Premier Packaging Solutions offers a great line at very competitive prices.

Melt-O-Clean reduces rust on metal surfaces and cleans stainless steel.

As with any organic cleaner, gloves should be worn to protect against skin dryness and irritation.

Note: The above information is offered for your consideration and verification. This does not in any way constitute a warranty for legal responsibility on the part of Premier Packaging Solutions in the event of incidental consequential damages or loss arising from the use of this product. We recommend each prospective user test and qualify this product before repetitive use.