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inline nozzles

Our customers report a typical savings of 30-40% on hot melt replacement parts compared with OEM pricing. Premier Packaging Solutions' nozzles and filters are suitable replacements on all major OEM equipment.

Hot melt application rate is normally determined by a combination of nozzle orifice diameter and hot melt pump air pressure. Air is the driving force but, the nozzles do the work.

The cost of replacing nozzles can substantially add to your operational costs, and malfunctioning nozzles make a huge difference in your plant's ability to meet production and quality goals. Clogged nozzles result in downtime and lost production. Obstructed nozzles create pop-opens, unsightly over spray, poor package appearance and excessive maintenance.

Premier Packaging Solutions offers a full range of hot melt nozzles with a variety of orifices and engagements that ensure consistent performance. Our nozzles are manufactured with superior materials, precisely machined to deliver predictable adhesive placement and coverage. Premier Packaging hot melt nozzles deliver reliable application that increase quality and productivity. Single orifice, multi-orifice, 90 degrees, and 90-degree multi-orifice are some of the common hot melt nozzle configurations we offer.


Filters are your first line of defense against costly clogged nozzles. Premier Packaging Solutions offers a variety of hot melt filters that trap char and contaminants from clogging your nozzles and effecting bond performance.

Our Quick Change Filters reduce service time without disconnecting the hose from gun for filter replacement. In-Line Filters, and Manifold Filter Assemblies will greatly reduce the cost and maintenance downtime associated with clogged hot melt nozzles. We stock straight, 45-degree and 90-degree Quick Change and Inline filters along with manifold filters Nordson ProBlue and earlier models. Our filters are made in the U.S.- Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Cost saving Nozzle and Filter Tips:

  • Inspect and replace hot melt tank and inline filters as needed.
  • Soak nozzles with DISSOLV-X or Melt O Clean to clean and reuse.
  • Hot melt supply is covered to prevent adding debris to hot melt tank.
  • Keep hot melt tanks full to reduce gassing and char.
  • Follow recommended purge and tank cleaning schedules.
  • Simplify nozzle replacement and reduce downtime by standardizing nozzle size.
  • Match filter mesh to nozzle orifice.
  • Reduce rejects and scrap with accurate bead placement.

Many of our nozzle and filter customers increase their savings by also purchasing , guns, and hoses.