glue guns
GG-300 Glue Gun
120 Volt 300 Watt Industrial Hot Melt Glue Gun
Lightweight. Ergonomic long trigger for easy grip.
Requires 1/2” stick size.
High Temperature: 248-428°.
Delivers up to 3.75 lbs. per hour.
Heavy duty. Excellent for high delivery
rate applications.

Lets face it, when cartons and boxes are damaged either during production or transit; you're faced with unexpected scrap and re-work costs. If you must repair and re-work it's best to get the project completed as efficiently as possible. While Premier Packaging Solutions can't manage the process to keep the damage from happening, we do have a number of solutions to help in the recovery and repair process.

Easy to use hot melt sticks and hot melt guns are essential in the repair process. Glue sticks allow manufacturers to apply hot melt by using low cost glue guns and easy to apply hot melt glue sticks. Remote repair stations can be set up requiring only a standard electrical outlet to power the glue guns.

Premier Packaging has the right combination of glue sticks and guns to make the repair process easier and more affordable. In packaging, converting, assembly, bookbinding, and many other markets, glue sticks and glue guns provide a great low cost advantage when repair is necessary.

Listed below are some of the most popular packaging glue sticks and glue guns that can be purchased separately or in combination.

glue guns

PPS Metallocene-This is a premium stick used for tray forming and case and carton sealing. Manufactured in the U.S, It is great for high and low temperature resistant bonds. It also has very good low temperature characteristics for freezer applications. This is a perfect stick for most packaging applications. Works best with the GG 300 and GG 220 glue guns from Premier Packaging.

PPS 15- This is a low temperature stick that is good for corrugated and paper applications. It works best with the GG-100CT gun from Premier Packaging. Applying hot melt at 250 makes this stick a safe choice.

PPS 25- This stick is designed for corrugated boxes. It dries very quickly for high-speed hand gluing operations. It is the perfect stick for quick repair work when you need a fast set hot melt. Works best with the GG 3000 and GG 220 glue guns from Premier Packaging.

PPS 40- This is a stick with very aggressive tack. It is used for a wide variety of substrates including case and carton, corrugated, point of purchase displays and wax-coated board. This stick is very versatile and works best with the GG 300 and GG 220 glue guns from Premier Packaging.

We recommend DISSOLV-X for cleaning glue gun nozzles and removing hot melt from parts. DISSOLV-X can be used as a replacement for solvent based products. DISSOLV-X helps provide a safer work environment for employees plus DISSOLV-X has proven to be the most effective cleaner.