Hot glue gun glue sticks

Hot Melt Sticks for Every Need

Whether your operation uses hot melt glue sticks for product assembly, in-line packaging, re-work, or re-seal after QC inspections, glue sticks and glue guns can be your best friends. They are inexpensive and reliable. Glue sticks help reduce waste and create nice finished products.

There are many different glue stick formulations available so it’s important to match the proper stick to the job. We at Premier Packaging Solutions make specific recommendations to ensure you are getting the right glue stick and gun for your application. PPS offers a full line of sticks and guns at very competitive prices and we pride ourselves on customer service and fast delivery.

Let us recommend PPS glue sticks and hot melt stick guns for your application or suggest a glue stick to match the hot melt you use on your packaging lines.

Listed below are a few of our most popular products:

  • PPS Metallocene- Premium stick excellent for case and carton sealing. Provides high and low temperature resistant bonds on difficult substrates. A perfect stick for most packaging applications. Apply with GG 300 and GG 220 glue guns.
  • PPS 15 - Low temperature stick for recycled board stock and high performance liners. It has a 250°F application temperature. Apply with GG-100CT 250° gun.
  • PPS 25 - Designed for corrugated board stock. Perfect when a short open-time and fast set is required. Apply with GG300 and GG 220 glue guns.
  • PPS 40 - Very aggressive bond with this stick. Use for wax coated case and carton seal, heavily coated board stock and point of purchase displays. Apply with GG 300 and GG 220 glue guns.
  • PPS 50 - Excellent stick for product assembly. Bonds foam, rigid plastics, and light metals. Cures to a cosmetically pleasing water white color. Apply with GG 300 and GG 220 glue guns.
Hot glue gun glue sticks

Premier Packaging Solutions glue sticks are available in all sizes and compatible with glue guns currently on the market.

Please contact us if you do not see the glue stick or gun you need.

We also recommend DISSOLV-X for cleaning hot melt nozzles and removing hot melt from most surfaces. DISSOLV-X is a very effective, citrus based, biodegradable cleaner which will replace many of the cleaners you use in your facility. Sample quantities are available upon request.