Frekote® 770-NC is a great all-purpose release product, and it exhibits great release properties for a lot of different applications. Frekote 770-NC releases EVA hot melt, epoxies, polyester resins, thermoplastics, rubber compounds and most polymers. It is widely used in the adhesives industry to release hot melt from a variety of substrates such as corrugated boxes, cartons and labels on bottles. It is especially effective in getting mileage results for applications that use hot melt.

The application of Frekote 770 NC only requires a thin wet film. Just wipe or spray on a smooth, thin, wet film. No need to wipe or spray over the recently coated area, that was just coated until the film is dry. Hold the sprayer 8-10 inches from the surface you want to coat. For best results, coat small areas of the substrate until completely coated. The surface to be coated should be clean and free of any contaminants for Frekote 770-NC to work properly.

1. Apply the coating and allow up to 5 minutes for complete solvent evaporation.The film should be dry and not feel tacky.

2. Frekote 770 NC may sometimes leave a matte surface finish. This is normal and will work well with this finish.

3. Sometimes, the performance is enhanced by applying a double coating. Maximum release from substrates will be obtained as the mold surface becomes conditioned to Frekote 770-NC.

4. When any release difficulty is experienced, the area in question can be "touched-up" by recoating the entire surface or just those areas where release difficulty is occurring.