square orange

As many of you know, MELT-O-CLEAN is a multi purpose cleaner and degreaser. It is a great organic citrus cleaner used for cleaning hot melt from bottle labeling equipment, removing char, from hot melt parts, and great for cleaning production belts. It has quickly become the product of choice for the "tough jobs".

The good news is our cleaners are now available in a convenient square ergonomic pail. The MELT-O-CLEAN pail is specially designed so the product can be used in the safest, most ergonomic and convenient manner. It is intended to maximize productivity by make it easier for the operator to use in the very safest manner.

The container for MELT-O-CLEAN is also equipped with a breathable cap. Some products can become bloated or collapsed due to varying pressure during processing, transportation and storage. The breathable caps are designed to enable the container to "breathe" which prevents distortion and damage to the container.

MELT-O-CLEAN has become widely accepted as a great degreaser and cleaner, especially when you want to avoid using solvents. Premier Packaging stocks MELT-O-CLEAN in 5-gallon pails, drums, and totes and can ship within 24 hours of receiving an order.

MELT-O-CLEAN is classified by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). As with any organic cleaner, gloves should be worn to protect against skin dryness and irritation.