Hot melt nozzles replacement

We Are Your Best Solution!!!

Premier Packaging Solutions is committed to saving our customers money on hot melt consumable parts, while providing a complets product line. We manufacture and stock a full line of hot melt replacement parts, to fit Nordson, ITW/Melton, and other manufacturers hot melt adhesive units. All of our products are guaranteed, and our commitment is they will work as well or better than the original parts.

Premier Packaging keeps a ready supply of the hot melt consumables that are used every day. We manufacture and stock applicator heads, modules, nozzles, and filters (in line, quick change and tank) along with filter assembly units, hoses (High flex and wash down), handguns, and glue guns. In addition we stock, solenoids, heaters, O-rings, and sensors.

All of our products are tested and approved to exceed industry standards.

At Premier Packaging Solutions we are committed to making the best hot melt parts possible, created to meet the highest exacting standards, and deliver them to our customers at the lowest possible prices. We are committed to saving our customers money on their parts spend, and delivering the best parts available.

Below are a number of reasons to buy hot melt parts from PPS.

  • We manufacture and stock an extensive portfolio of products and most are shipped within 24 hours of the order.
  • Typically our prices are 30-40% below OEM pricing.
  • All of our parts come with standard market guarantees-If you have trouble with any of our parts we will replace them-no questions asked.
  • With a supply of PPS hot melt parts you will experience less downtime and a smoother production environment.
  • We can handle your special needs whether it is a special head, or in some cases, parts that have been discontinued. We will work with you keep your machines operating at full capacity.
  • We drill, mill and assemble nozzles, modules and guns. In addition, we specialize in heated and heat resistant hoses of all sorts.

Whatever your needs are we will work closely with you to deliver the best value at the lowest price. Give us a try and you will not be sorry.