Technomelt COOL 250A changed the landscape in hot melt adhesive technology. Technomelt COOL 250A offers a Technomelt COOL 250A Hot Meltnumber of advantages over standard EVA products


Technomelt COOL 250A operates about 100°F lower than conventional hot melts. According to industry studies Approximately 6% of plant employees suffer some type of burn,. This is greatly reduced, with Technomelt COOL 250A

Lower maintenance replacement costs, 
and longer equipment life

It’s the buildup of char and gel that causes hot melt adhesive glue line nozzles, hoses, pumps, and other components to fail prematurely. Because Technomelt COOL 250A hot melt adhesives run at 250°F, char simply doesn’t have a chance to form. Not only do you eliminate the hassle of changing parts, but also the costs. Many packagers spend $20-$30 on hot melt replacement parts for every 100 pounds of hot melt adhesive used.

Optimal usage

Anyone can talk about mileage savings with reduced hot melt usage and lower density, but if the product doesn’t stick with the lower amounts, the savings don’t do
any good. Technomelt COOL 250A has unique characteristics that allows it to penetrate for deep fiber-tearing bonds at lower hot melt adhesive application rates. Additionally, due to its superior stability and no char, Technomelt COOL 250A will deliver consistent bead widths to help bring your processes and costs under control,

Lots of other benefits

Technomelt COOL 250A works well with virtually all substrates – high-performance corrugated, recycled board, solid fiber Kraft, SBS, poly-laminates, coated stock, foil laminates and many more.

At an operating temperature of only 250°F, Technomelt COOL 250A hot melt adhesives save up to 47% on energy costs. And that lower temperature translates into other benefits, too, like fewer machine service calls, less downtime and more productive up time. Corporation or its affiliates® = registered in the U.S Trademark.


· Wrap Around

· Case Sealing

· Tray Forming

· Folding Box


Hot melts that gets on machine parts, can be removed with cold cleaning agent based on organic solvents. Depending on extent of contamination the application equipment must be inspected and cleaned regularly. If there is a glue film in the pot the equipment can be cleaned by flushing with SAF-T-Purge 200 from Premier Packaging Solutions.

Char caused by overheating can be removed with the help of a strong cleaning product. "DISSOLV-X”, from Premier Packaging Solutions is an organic cleaner that is very effective at removing char without heating. DISSOLV-X is based on natural ingredients, and facilitates manual cleaning even in the case of noticeable charring.