Metallocene beads

Metallocene hot melt adhesives have taken the hot melt industry by storm.

This technology is without a doubt the best performing adhesive platform for packaging and many other applications.  Metallocene adhesives offer excellent stability, water white color, and great high heat and cold resistance. They do not char like EVA based hot melts, greatly reducing downtime associated with clogged nozzles and filters.  In addition, the theology of metallocene adhesives allows for a better wetting out of the substrate which increases hot melt mileage. PPS offers Technomelt SUPRA 100 and Technomelt SUPRA 106M as two of our best performing Metallocene hot melt products. 

This change to Metallocene technology has created problems in facilities where hot melt sticks are used for re-work, product assembly or QC re-seal. You see, Metallocene hot melt and EVA hot melt are incompatible and cannot be mixed. Most hot melts sticks are EVA, and if these sticks are inadvertently placed in a tank with the Metallocene, incompatibility issues will occur, such as gel, affecting the stability of the pot and ultimately your adhesive bonds.

Premier Packaging has created a Metallocene stick that is compatible with the Metallocene products from all hot melt manufacturers. Our hot melt sticks are made in the USA and are the perfect solution for plants that use Metallocene hot melt and EVA glue sticks. Switch to Premier Packaging Metallocene Sticks to solve incompatibility issues and ensure the same great bonds Metallocene offers in Hot Melt Stick Form. We manufacture and stock the Metallocene sticks in ½” X 10” and have them available for next day shipment.