Technomelt 8990


Do you love the way metallocene hot melts perform but do not like the price you have to pay for them? Then TECHNOMELT 8990 is the product for you. It incorporates a proprietary polymer from Henkel to create a metallocene like adhesive, with very high-strength bonding. TECHNOMELT 8990 has similar characteristics to metallocene products. It has great performance and provides 15% to 20% better mileage than standard EVA.

TECHNOMELT 8990 is a very high quality; high temperature case/carton sealing and tray forming hot melt. It features excellent heat stability. It is non-charring and has very low odor. One of the best characteristics of TECHNOMELT 8990 is it remains clear in the pot after prolonged periods of use at 350°F. It has all of these great features that you have grown to love at a much lower price than metallocene hot melt.

The benefits of TECHNOMELT 8990:

  • Use up to 20% less adhesive
  • Superior bonding on a broad range of substrates
  • Aggressive hot tack
  • Great Heat resistance
  • Great Pot Stability
  • Non Charring

TECHNOMELT 8990 was designed for wrap-around case sealers, which require excellent hot tack; fast set speed and medium short open time. It is also used on clay-coated board. TECHNOMELT 8990 is especially suited for those situations in which there is poor machine compression or high spring back.

All ingredients in TECHNOMELT 8990 are approved under the Federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, which relates to incidental contact of adhesives with food.


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