Technomelt 8990 hot melt has dramatically changed the landscape in hot melt adhesive technology. Technomelt 8990 is made from a proprietary polymer for great heat stability and is a low odor Product
Technomelt 8990 hot melt was developed from a unique platform of product and technology choices. The goal was to develop a low odor migration adhesive for indirect food contact. Technomelt 8990 is that product.


Lower maintenance costs/ longer equipment life

It’s the buildup of char and gel that causes hot melt adhesive nozzles, hoses, pumps, and other components to fail prematurely. Because Technomelt 8990 hot melt adhesive is so heat stable char simply does not form. Not only do you eliminate the hassle of changing parts, but also eliminate the costs. Statistics show many packagers spend $20-$30 on replacement parts for every 100 pounds of hot melt adhesive consumed.


Great Adhesion
Technomelt 8990 works well with virtually all substrate; high-performance corrugated, recycled board, solid fiber Kraft, SBS, poly-laminates, coated stock, and more. Or its affiliates® = registered in the U.S Trademark.
The wear and tear on nozzles, hoses and modules is greatly reduced with the use of Technomelt 8990. However, if new nozzles, hoses or modules are needed, Premier Packaging Solutions also offers a complete line of replacement parts at very competitive prices.