Technomelt PUR 3365 is a premium, fast setting PUR that has wide acceptance in the industry. Technomelt PUR 3365 has a lot of outstanding characteristics: It has very good green tack so the product can be handled by hand coming off the production line. The final set up time for the PUR 3365 is less than 24 hours so the finished product is available to be shipped with 1 day. Technomelt PUR 3665 also has very good clean up properties that make it very attractive for the operators. Technomelt PUR 3365 is also very competitively priced.


Technomelt PUR 3365 for bookbinding is unmatched. It only takes a small amount of adhesive and a little time to turn sheets of paper into a long lasting, very attractive, highly functional book. Technomelt PUR 3365 is very strong and much more flexible than EVA. Using Technomelt PUR 3365 eliminates any moving of the pages and allows them to stay in place where bonded. It also increases the book flex and pull strength, making the books more durable and allowing them to lie flat with no wrinkling.


While the Technomelt PUR 3365 is a bit more expensive than EVA, the customer can use half as much PUR as EVA and get a much stronger final bond with more flexibility in the book. After the Technomelt PUR 3365 has properly set it is almost impossible to pull a page from the book.

Technomelt PUR 3365 comes in a variety of containers, (five gallon pails, drums, 38 pound slugs), and can be used both in open pots and slot die applications.

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