Side glue is a very important component of the finished book. While it is not a big usage item it is very critical to the success of the finished book. Side glue refers to the application of a very thin bead or dots of hot melt adhesive to bind the inside to the cover of the first and last pages of a book. The side glue is important for two specific reasons — it makes the finished book look better and it forms a hinge on the cover to take pressure off the spine when the book is opened or flexed.

Technomelt GA 7613 is the very best side glue. It is very light in color so the adhesive blends in to the paper color and is not seen on the finished book. Technomelt GA 7613 has long open time, good flexibility and a lot of green tack. These characteristics are all very important for the demanding production process and the final look and feel of the finished book.

 Technomelt GA 7613 is very versatile and can be applied three primary ways depending upon the equipment in the plant. Technomelt GA 7613 can be applied on a wheel-pot system, extrusion nozzles, or the use of side wires.

Technomelt GA 7613 functions in the wheel-pot system by picking up adhesive from an open pot with two horizontal wheels. The wheels then apply Technomelt GA 7613 in a small bead to both sides of the book.

Technomelt GA 7613 also works with extrusion nozzle systems; these systems are very clean running and apply a very precise, bead with very little stringing. Technomelt GA 7613 works very well in these systems. This type of system has become very popular because it lowers adhesive consumption and applies a small clean very precise bead during the book binding process.

Technomelt GA 7613 also works very well with side-wire systems. These systems are not used as extensively in recent years. They are less precise, but can be effective for books with with a short life cycle.

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