Technomelt PUR 3317 is one of the most flexible, strongest, and most versatile products in the bookbinding adhesive portfolio. A book that is bound with Technomelt PUR 3317 has twice the page pull strength of a book bound with an EVA hot melt. In addition, with Technomelt PUR 3317, the customer is able to apply about 40% less adhesive to the backbone and still achieve excellent results.

Historically Technomelt PUR 3317 despite its great results has been cost prohibitive. In the last few years, as PUR technology has become more accepted, and more volume is being used, the price of Technomelt PUR 3317 has come down dramatically.

A common concern with perfect bound books is their stability in extremely hot or cold temperatures. PUR adhesive is impervious to temperature extremes. The temperature range of PUR glues is a key advantage for books that will be used in either hot or cold climates for an extended period. Once it has cured, PUR adhesive remains stable in temperatures ranging from -40°C to over 100°C. That means PUR-bound books can be used almost anywhere.


Technomelt PUR 3317 is able to maintain integrity in extreme temperatures, and it also displays great lay flat properties. The flexibility and lay flat properties of Technomelt PUR 3317 prevent spine cracking. Use of Technomelt PUR 3317 achieves great page pull strength, which is especially significant for books that are kept a long time and opened and used a lot . Technomelt PUR 3317 is also the ideal solution for digital printing. Technomelt PUR 3317 can handle a wide range of printed stocks and inks. It is one of the most efficient and flexible perfect binding solutions.

EVA adhesives bond immediately. Technomelt PUR 3317, like all PUR adhesives, requires several hours to cure once books are bound. Technomelt PUR 3317 displays very good green strength so you are able to lightly handle the books after about 4 minutes from when they are bound. We recommend letting the books cure for 24 hours. However books using Technomelt PUR 3317 routinely have a bond of 80% grain strength after a curing period of four to six hours.

Technomelt PUR 3317 is available from Premier Packaging Solutions in PUR slugs that weigh 4.5 lbs. The slugs are used extensively with Horizon and CP Bourg machines.