The Workhorse Hotmelt of the Industry

Technomelt 8448 is one of the most popular, widely used, and economical EVA hot melt adhesives in use. Technomelt 8448 is the workhorse product in packaging. Technomelt 8448 is based on Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and is designed to bond a variety of coated and uncoated paper applications. Technomelt 8448 is a very fast setting product. It is waterproof and offers great heat and cold resistance. Technomelt 8448 is a 350F EVA technology that is suitable for most packaging applications. 

 Technomelt 8448 is a great choice for case and carton sealing, tray forming, and packaging applications.  When clean machining, great adhesion and fast set times are important Technomelt 8448 is the EVA product of choice. Technomelt 8448 bonds to a variety of substrates, and has good heat and cold stability.

Technomelt 8448 is multi purposes hot melt with medium viscosity for easy machining. It is specifically formulated for case and carton sealing, field pack and filter assembly applications. Technomelt 8448 has great hot tack that gives it very fast setting speed. Technomelt 8448 also has very good green tack so it holds the substrates together while the adhesive cools. Because of the polymer blend in Technomelt 8448, it will maintain bonds in both high and low temperatures.

Technomelt 8448 is available through Premier Packaging Solutions. We have warehouses strategically located in the United States and can provide quick delivery. We also sell less than pallet quantities and are competitively priced.