Cool even when it is hot

Technomelt COOL 467A hot melt makes it cool to be cool and to use cool-hot melt. When choosing the correct hot melt for your application and business, the cooler application temperature you can use will help your equipment, bottom line, and improve the safety of your plant. TechnomeltCOOL 467A was formulated with each of the above values in mind.


Technomelt COOL 467A has an operating temperature of 250 degrees. This operating temperature is about 100 degrees lower than standard hot melts. Prolonged heat is the enemy to your equipment, especially in high production areas. The use of Technomelt COOL 467A will prolong the life of your equipment and decrease the need for replacement nozzles, hoses and heads.

Because the use of Technomelt COOL 467A increases production uptime and extends the life of your hot melt equipment, it makes a profound effect on the company bottom line. Uptime, consistent production, and packages that are bonded correctly with Technomelt COOL 467A all work together to increase profit.

Because hot melt equipment is very hot when in use, the Technomelt COOL 467A improves safety by allowing the maintenance men to handle equipment at a much lower temperature. Since Technomelt COOL 467A runs at 250 degrees it decreases the likelihood of burns, or other associated injuries associated with handling hot equipment.

Try Technomelt COOL 467A from Premier Packaging Solutions and discover how this innovative product can improve your packaging operation. Technomelt COOL 467A provides high tack, versatile adhesion characteristics and broad end-use possibilities that customers expect. At a cool running temperature of 250°F, Technomelt 467A provides the benefits of industry-proven, low temperature technology.