PUR bookbinding is becoming very popular in the industry. It provides very strong permanent bonds, great lay-flat properties and very good mileage.  It is a bit more difficult to work with but with the right tools it can be very successful. There are four items that go together when using PUR that make the process easier and more seamless. We call them the four (4) pillars

The first pillar in the process of successful PUR bookbinding is to have a really good PUR. The Technomelt PUR 3365 and Technomelt 3317 set the standard for bookbinding success.  These bookbinding PUR products are widely regarded as the best PUR bookbinding products in the industry.




The second pillar of successful PUR bookbinding is to have something to clean the PUR when it gets where it shouldn’t. In the process of working there are always areas that get build-up. Melt O Clean is the best product for cleaning PUR. Melt-O-Clean is an organic citrus cleaner. Melt O Clean does not have any solvents in it, but does a great job of getting PUR off equipment and rails and anywhere else it may be. Melt O Clean is available in spray bottles, five-gallon pails or drums. Premier Packaging stocks Melt O Clean in multiple warehouses in the US.


The third pillar in successful bookbinding is the use of Frekote 770NC to preserve the life of equipment and make clean up easier. Frekote 770NC comes in spray bottles and when used creates a thin coat that looks and feels like Teflon. The use of Frekote 770NC in the bottom of the pot when it is empty, will extend the life of the pot by creating a thin film where there are scratches or nicks. In addition when Frekote 770NC is applied to the rails it helps the product move easier. Premier Packaging stocks Frekote 770NC in multiple warehouses around the country.


The fourth pillar of successful PUR Bookbinding is to have a great product to actually put in the pots to clean them out. Technomelt PUR Cleaner 2 is used for cleaning PUR application equipment, melting pots, nozzle systems and any equipment that is used for polyurethane hot melt adhesives applications. Technomelt PUR Cleaner 2 converts the reactive components of the polyurethane hot melt adhesive and takes them from the tank to keep it clean, and to rule out further crosslinking processes. Technomelt PUR Cleaner 2 is low viscosity to make it easier to use in the system and help it to flow and clean in a more efficient way. Technomelt PUR Cleaner 2 is used at the same application temperature as the polyurethane hot melt PUR hot melt is applied during the working process (90 to 140) °C.