The COOL Bookbinding Hot Melt

The innovative Technomelt GA 416C delivers state of the art quality book adhesion with lower application temperatures than standard bookbinding hot melts. As with packaging hot melts, high heat is the enemy when it comes to bookbinding applications. Technomelt GA 416C bookbinding hot melt is a 100 percent solid thermoplastic, and the final bond is formed when the temperature has fallen to the ambient of the material being glued.

Technomelt GA 416C is a low temperature hot melt bookbinding product. It is known as a low temperature product because it is applied at 250°. Usinglow temperature hot melts like Technomelt GA 416C for bookbinding is a growing trend because of the ability to be able to process at much lower application temperatures. Operating temperatures of 350° are normal in the bookbinding industry, but now with the Technomelt GA 416C low-temperature feature, these products are offered with great success. Technomelt GA 416C produces great viscosity stability over a longer time. In addition, the color remains clear so Technomelt GA 416C produces a very nice backbone. As a result of these features of the Technomelt GA 416C, the application equipment is less stressed, which leads to a longer working life with less maintenance on the equipment.

 The high temperatures with which traditional hot melts are applied to paper can result in a drying out of the paper. Wrinkling can be minimized when using Technomelt GA 416C .The low temperatures of the Technomelt GA 416C lead to faster cooling of the adhesives so the strength of the bond increases faster.

Technomelt GA 416C is used for production of books because of the ability to achieve high production speeds with its fast setting capabilities. Technomelt GA 416C permits the binder to manufacture products completely in line so that no additional delay time and expense occurs. In addition, it is an advantage for 3-side trim on shorter cooling lines and high processing speed, as no box pleats occur and knives do not gum up.

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