The Workhorse Bookbinding EVA

Technomelt GA 488D is used for bonding the backbone of books because it is able to achieve high production speeds and bond a variety of substrates.  Technomelt GA 488D is used for making books, magazines, and catalogs. Technomelt GA 488D allows the bindery to manufacture books completely in line so that no additional delay or cost occurs. The use of Technomelt GA 488D makes binding books very easy and fast. The application temperature is at 350°, the pages are roughed, Technomelt GA 488D is applied, the cover is attached, and the trimming can be done in line.

Technomelt GA 488D is used extensively in the bookbinding industry. The use of Technomelt GA 488D has made it possible to produce product safely and economically even with substrates that are difficult to bond. Technomelt GA 488D enhances quality in the areas of adhesion, stability, backbone color, and odor. 

Technomelt GA 488D is applied with a wheel applicator that is in an open glue pot. The glue is used at 350°, and the properties of the Technomelt GA 488D allow it to be melted and reformed many times without affecting the performance. Technomelt GA 488D is very fast setting and it requires a short cure time. This feature makes it possible to trim the books in line.

If you are bonding books and want to do it with a 350° product, Technomelt GA 488D is the product of choice and will do a great job in a variety of applications.

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