MELT O CLEAN is a powerful organic citrus cleaner that does a great job of cleaning a variety of industrial substrates. MELT O CLEAN has no solvents in it and is one of the most unique and versatile products ever developed. MELT O CLEAN is derived from the liquid of orange peels.

MELT O CLEAN is the preferred product for removing PUR Adhesives from equipment. MELT O CLEAN also effectively removes char and residue from hot melt parts, and pressure sensitive adhesives from bottle labeling equipment. In addition, MELT O CLEAN removes grease, paint, adhesive tape, epoxy and ink from most surfaces. It is also a great concrete cleaner. MELT O CLEAN is a great degreaser and cleaner for industrial belts and chains

The citrus industry has released the orange crop forecast for the season. This crop forecast directly affects the availability and price of MELT O CLEAN. Because of the early greening, and hurricane Irma, that hit just before the harvest, the forecast for oranges this season is down 27%. While it is not good news, Premier Packaging is in good shape to supply our customers. We will hold the price as best we can, and will work to continue to provide the best value and service in the industry.

MELT O CLEAN is available in spray bottles, 5-gallon pails and drums.



Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) will dissolve quickly when cleaning vacuum drums and hard surfaces on bottle labeling equipment.  MELT O CLEAN is a valuable CLEANER for removal of adhesives from various surfaces such as tools, conveyer lines and guide rails. 

MELT O CLEAN is used extensively in the Graphic Arts Industry for the clean up of PUR adhesives.


MELT O CLEAN can be used as a replacement for petroleum and solvent based products to clean hot melt parts. MELT O CLEAN is used at room temperature; no need to heat Melt O Clean when soak cleaning hot melt parts.  This non-hazardous, cold cleaning agent provides a safer work environment for employees plus MELT O CLEAN has proven to be a much more effective cleaner.


Use MELT O CLEAN for cleaning concrete.  MELT O CLEAN is used extensively in removing oil, grease, paint, forklift tire marks and road film from concrete surfaces.