The Best Metallocene Hot Melt for Superior Packaging Solutions

Technomelt Supra 106M, is a unique hot melt driven by an innovative polymer that delivers significantly better performance when compared to other adhesives.

Technomelt Supra 106M is a very high quality case and carton sealing and tray forming hot melt. It features excellent heat stability. Technomelt Supra TS-106M is clear in the pot and will not char even after prolonged periods at 350o. Technomelt Supra bonds to a wide variety of substrates. It offers an excellent blend of heat and cold resistance as well as superior mileage. All of the ingredients in TS 106M are approved under the federal regulation 21CFR 175.105 which relates to the incidental contact of adhesives with food.


  • Excellent bond strength
  • Very high hot tack
  • Wide application window
  • Surface penetration produces great final bond 
  • Bonds a wide variety of substrates and packaging materials

Improved Efficiency

  • Up to 30% Mileage Savings vs. standard hot melts 

  • One adhesive for many applications
  • Lower adhesive consumption rate
  • Less waste caused by bonding failures
  • Easy to clean from metal parts

High Thermal Stability                                                                                     

  • No cracking and gelling of adhesives
  • Reduced downtime for cleaning and maintenance
  • Longer intervals between maintenance needs
  • Longer service life of nozzles, pumps, hoses and filters
  • Less effort for transportation and warehousing
  • No charring or gelling over extended periods of heat stress


  • Wrap Around
  • Case Sealing
  • Tray Forming
  • Folding Box


Hot melts that gets on machine parts, can be removed with cold cleaning agent based on organic solvents. Depending on extent of contamination the application equipment must be inspected and cleaned regularly. If there is a glue film in the pot the equipment can be cleaned by flushing with SAF-T-Purge 200 from Premier Packaging Solutions.

Char caused by overheating can be removed with the help of a strong cleaning product. "DISSOLV-X” and Melt O Clean, from Premier Packaging Solutions are organic cleaners that are very effective at removing char without heating. DISSOLV-X an Melt O Clean are based on natural ingredients, and facilitate manual cleaning even in the case of noticeable charring.