Versatile Labeling Hot Melt

Whether you have challenging labels, work in very hot or cold conditions and have containers that are tough to bond we have a labeling product suited for your needs. TECHNOMELT EM 369 is one of those products. Developed for adhesion to a wide variety of labels and containers, with very good heat and cold resistance it has become one of the best and most versatile labeling products in the Henkel/Premier Packaging product line. By combining the power of Henkel technology, the supply chain of Premier Packaging Solutions, and the characteristics of TECHNOMELT EM 369, we have created a great combination.

TECHNOMELT EM 369 is a pressure sensitive hot melt suitable for adhering the pick-up and overlapping of labels on all types hot melt pressure sensitive labelers. The low temperature at which the TECHNOMELT EM 369 is designed to run allows for very good machining without damaging the label. Technomelt EM 369 works with glass, paper, PET, Plastic, metallized film and paper labels. TECHNOMELT EM 369 was developed to be a really safe hot melt for both the pick-up and seam of hot containers with high heat storage conditions. It has a melt point of 230° and a low viscosity of 600cps at 300°. By combining the high melt point and the low viscosity at operating temperatures, Technomelt EM 369 achieved the status of a great product that is perfect for a number of applications

            Benefits of Technomelt EM 369:

  • Full Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt
  • Made for cut and stack and Roll Fed labels
  • Innovative packaging where the film is part of the product
  • Great specific adhesion to a wide variety of labels and containers
  • Works well on hot dry containers and cold wet containers.
  • Specially formulated to prevent bleed through on labels
  • High Tensile Strength for better adhesion performance
  • Great performance on both the pick up and lap of a variety of containers

All ingredients for Technomelt EM 369 are approved under the Federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, which relates to incidental contact of adhesives with food.