The First and Best COOL Temperature Hot Melt

Technomelt COOL 250A is the first hot melt COOL product ever developed. Technomelt COOL 250A quickly became the best selling product in the portfolio, and changed the landscape in hot melt technology. Technomelt COOL 250A changed the paradigm of belief that hot melts had to be applied at 350 degrees to be effective. Technomelt Cool 250A led the innovation cycle for greener, better performing hot melts adhesives.

Technomelt COOL 250A is a low application temperature hot melt (250 degrees F.), that is formulated for most case sealing, carton sealing, and tray forming applications. Technomelt COOL 250A is a "NON-CHARRING" adhesive that eliminates clogging issues, lengthens equipment life, and improves plant safety. Technomelt COOL 250A is a very clear, low odor, fast setting product. Technomelt COOL 250A has great green tack, fast set, great flexibility and a very aggressive bond.

In recent tests, we measured and demonstrated that lowering the application temperature of Technomelt Cool 250A by 80 degrees saved 20% in electrical power. Technomelt COOL 250A hot melts save energy and reduce equipment wear. This is important, because as energy prices continue to rise, it is beneficial to know how alternative products and green technologies can offset increases. This innovative chemistry allows our customers to achieve good adhesion using less hot melt, and a cleaner running product that saves energy and generates less waste.

Technomelt Cool 250A has outstanding thermal stability to prevent char formation, reduce maintenance costs, and extend equipment service life. Technomelt Cool 250A provides excellent adhesion to difficult board stock including recycled and high performance liners.  Technomelt COOL 250A has an excellent balance of heat resistance and cold adhesion. Technomelt COOL 250A is very fast setting for high-speed applications, and low odor for improved working environment. Technomelt COOL 250A meets composition requirements of Indirect Food Additives Regulation 21 CFR 175.105 "Adhesives".

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