Best Bottle Labeling Adhesive by a Long Shot

When you are labeling bottles with pressure sensitive hot melts, and performance on high speed machines is needed, the most consistent and best product to use Technomelt EM 377.

Technomelt EM 377 is a versatile, all around high performance, low viscosity; pressure sensitive labeling hot melt, designed to run on magazine and roll fed labelers. Technomelt EM 377 works well on most equipment and is the preferred adhesive on Krones, B&H, Trine, Sacmi, and Langguth machines.


Technomelt EM 377 is a clear product, which produces a nice clear film on the label.  Technomelt EM 377 was originally formulated for PET and glass bottles to paper and film labels, but has been used in applications such as bonding non-woven to corrugate, and in pallet stabilization applications.

Technomelt EM 377 has a number of great features including very aggressive tack, great flexibility, and very clean machining on all equipment. Technomelt EM 377 has great creep resistance, which makes it a favorite for carbonated soft drinks, as it is one of a few products that can handle bottle expansion very well. The beauty of Technomelt EM 377 is even with the flexibility it produces a very strong adhesion

Pressure Sensitive hot melts by their nature are difficult to package in a usable fashion. Technomelt EM 377 has very innovative packaging. The hot melt adhesive is wrapped in a thin film and the film is part of the adhesive. When the Technomelt EM 377and the film is put in the hot melt tank the film dissolves with the hot melt and is incorporated into the adhesive. The make up of the Technomelt EM 377 is unaffected and the properties remain the same. This innovative packaging solution is easier to use, avoids unwanted packaging and makes the product much more environmentally friendly.

All ingredients in Technomelt EM 377 are approved under the federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, which relates to incidental contact of adhesives with food.