How COOL is this Hot Melt

As plants know when using hot melt adhesives, heat is the enemy of efficiency, food safety and parts consumption. Henkel Adhesives recognized this gap in hot melt technology and developed Technomelt COOL 250A. This was a major change in philosophy for hot melt producers and took a period of time to gain market and industry acceptance. Technomelt COOL 250A is a departure from existing hot melt technology, with the ability to apply at much lower temperatures than standard products while maintaining both high low heat resistance. To say this was a breakthrough is an understatement and Technomelt COOL 250A very quickly became the largest selling product in the portfolio. In addition, Technomelt COOL 250A is a Food Safety Product with respect to a number of attributes including very low odor and plant safety.

Food Safety

Technomelt COOL 250A hot melt was developed from a unique platform of product and technology choices, in conjunction with Food Packaging Companies. The goal was to develop a low odor migration adhesive for indirect food contact. The Technomelt COOL 250A meets these criteria and has ben widely accepted in the marketplace.

Plant Safety

Technomelt COOL 250A operates 100° lower than conventional EVA hot melts. According to industry studies, approximately 6% of plant employees suffer some type of burn.  The severity of hot melt burns is greatly reduced by applying Technomelt COOL 250A at 250°.

Lower maintenance costs/ longer equipment life

It’s the buildup of char and gel that causes hot melt adhesive nozzles, hoses, pumps, and other components to fail prematurely. Because Technomelt COOL 250A hot melt adhesive runs at 250°F, char simply does not form. Not only do you eliminate the hassle of changing parts, but also eliminate the costs. Many packagers spend $20-$30 on replacement parts for every 100 pounds of hot melt adhesive consumed.  At an operating temperature of only 250°F, Technomelt COOL 250A hot melt adhesive saves up to 47% on energy costs

Great Adhesion

Technomelt COOL 250A works well with virtually all substrate; high-performance corrugated, recycled board, solid fiber Kraft, SBS, poly-laminates, coated stock, and more. Or its affiliates® = registered in


If char is present in your tank, the melter can be cleaned by flushing with SAF-T-Purge 200 from Premier Packaging Solutions.  Saf-T- Purge is heated to effectively deep clean tanks and hoses.

Char and adhesive on equipment, conveyors and parts can also be removed with our organic cleaners that are very effective at removing char without heating. "DISSOLV-X” and Melt O Clean, from Premier Packaging Solutions, are based on natural ingredients, and facilitate manual cleaning and soaking even in the case of heavy char and residual adhesive.

The wear and tear on nozzles, hoses and modules is greatly reduced with the use of Technomelt COOL 250A. However, if new nozzles, hoses or modules are needed, Premier Packaging Solutions offers a complete line of replacement parts at very competitive prices.


Premier Packaging has strategic warehouses in the US. We stock Technomelt COOL 250A and can ship within 24 hours of order placement. Premier Packaging Solutions offers the Packaging industry a comprehensive range of adhesives that are precise, reliable and efficient. Please look at our full line of packaging  products and let us know how we can help.