Eco Green Cleaner - 1 gallon

Consumers in many sectors of business are concerned with the overall environmental friendliness of the products and services they choose. As a result, the market for recyclable, reusable, and otherwise "green" products is flourishing. In fact, a staggering 88% of consumers prefer to do business with companies they believe will help them live a more eco-friendly life; more importantly, companies are obliging.

Some of the major players in retail, food service, and manufacturing are undertaking green initiatives to minimize their effect on the environment. Big names like Starbucks, Google, Wal-Mart, and SC Johnson have recently made headlines for their work towards more sustainable business practices, leading more and more businesses to emulate their actions. Unfortunately, however, not all companies have the resources or the ability to begin a big "Go Green" campaign. As a result, many small business owners are left asking themselves what they can do to begin addressing their carbon footprint.

Hot Melt Glue Sticks

You've designed, perfected, manufactured, and quality checked your product to ensure it adheres to the highest of standards. Now that it's time for packaging, the last thing you want is a flimsy container that will burst open under the strenuous conditions of warehousing, shipping, or shelving. After all, packaging is often your product's first impression on a potential consumer.

In fact, quality of packaging says a lot about your product, and you'll want to make sure you're always putting your best foot forward. Aside from appearance, however, speed, cost-effectiveness, durability, and longevity can be make-or-break factors when it comes to packaging decisions. For all of these considerations, one of the biggest factors involves industrial adhesives for manufacturing.


Technomelt 8990 is a new hot-melt packaging adhesive that changes the rules about hot melt performance and supply. Technomelt 8990 incorporates a proprietary polymer to provide a metallocene like adhesive; with very high-strength at a very comopetitive price point. Technomelt 8990 is a very light colored, medium viscosity hot melt for case and carton sealing. Technomelt 8990 has great performance on a variety of corrugated and carton stock. Technomelt 8990, because of the nature of the raw materials, provides 20% to 30% better mileage than standard EVA technology.

Technomelt 8990 features excellent heat stability. It is non-charring and has a low odor. It remains clear in the pot after prolonged periods at 350°F. Technomelt 8990 was formulated specifically to have similar characteristics to metallocene technology.

Technomelt 8990 was designed for wrap-around case sealers, which require excellent hot tack; fast set speed and medium short open time. It is also suggested for use on clay-coated board. TECHNOMELT 8990 is especially suited for those situations in which there is poor machine compression or high spring back.

  • Proprietary Polymer
  • Use up to 20% less adhesive
  • Superior bonding on a broad range of substrates
  • Aggressive hot tack
  • Great Heat resistance
  • Great Pot Stability
  • Non Charring

All ingredients in TECHNOMELT 8990 are approved under the Federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, which relates to incidental contact of adhesives with food.

How COOL is this Hot Melt

As plants know when using hot melt adhesives, heat is the enemy of efficiency, food safety and parts consumption. Henkel Adhesives recognized this gap in hot melt technology and developed Technomelt COOL 250A. This was a major change in philosophy for hot melt producers and took a period of time to gain market and industry acceptance. Technomelt COOL 250A is a departure from existing hot melt technology, with the ability to apply at much lower temperatures than standard products while maintaining both high low heat resistance. To say this was a breakthrough is an understatement and Technomelt COOL 250A very quickly became the largest selling product in the portfolio. In addition, Technomelt COOL 250A is a Food Safety Product with respect to a number of attributes including very low odor and plant safety.

Food Safety

Technomelt COOL 250A hot melt was developed from a unique platform of product and technology choices, in conjunction with Food Packaging Companies. The goal was to develop a low odor migration adhesive for indirect food contact. The Technomelt COOL 250A meets these criteria and has ben widely accepted in the marketplace.


Best Bottle Labeling Adhesive by a Long Shot

When you are labeling bottles with pressure sensitive hot melts, and performance on high speed machines is needed, the most consistent and best product to use Technomelt EM 377.

Technomelt EM 377 is a versatile, all around high performance, low viscosity; pressure sensitive labeling hot melt, designed to run on magazine and roll fed labelers. Technomelt EM 377 works well on most equipment and is the preferred adhesive on Krones, B&H, Trine, Sacmi, and Langguth machines.

For Cleaning Success Still the Best!

Melt O Clean and DISSOLV-X

Industrial cleaners are needed to accomplish the tough cleaning tasks in a manufacturing environment, but the chemicals they contain may do more harm than good. Making the switch to organic non-solvent cleaners such as Technomelt Melt-O-Clean and DISSOLV-X can not only save you money, but also be easier on your employee’s health.

The First and Best COOL Temperature Hot Melt

Technomelt COOL 250A is the first hot melt COOL product ever developed. Technomelt COOL 250A quickly became the best selling product in the portfolio, and changed the landscape in hot melt technology. Technomelt COOL 250A changed the paradigm of belief that hot melts had to be applied at 350 degrees to be effective. Technomelt Cool 250A led the innovation cycle for greener, better performing hot melts adhesives.

Technomelt COOL 250A is a low application temperature hot melt (250 degrees F.), that is formulated for most case sealing, carton sealing, and tray forming applications. Technomelt COOL 250A is a "NON-CHARRING" adhesive that eliminates clogging issues, lengthens equipment life, and improves plant safety. Technomelt COOL 250A is a very clear, low odor, fast setting product. Technomelt COOL 250A has great green tack, fast set, great flexibility and a very aggressive bond.

Versatile Labeling Hot Melt

Whether you have challenging labels, work in very hot or cold conditions and have containers that are tough to bond we have a labeling product suited for your needs. TECHNOMELT EM 369 is one of those products. Developed for adhesion to a wide variety of labels and containers, with very good heat and cold resistance it has become one of the best and most versatile labeling products in the Henkel/Premier Packaging product line. By combining the power of Henkel technology, the supply chain of Premier Packaging Solutions, and the characteristics of TECHNOMELT EM 369, we have created a great combination.

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