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Since the decriminalization of cannabis products began back in the mid-1970s, the United States consumer base has been on an upward trajectory when it comes to demand for cannabis in all its forms. Beginning with the first medical cannabis laws in 1996 and continuing with the first recreational cannabis laws in 2012, more Americans are embracing the benefits and the experience of cannabis. After the most recent farm bill legalized low-THC hemp and opened the doors for federally legal cannabidiol (CBD) products, brands have rushed to capitalize on the throngs of new and existing cannabis customers.

Why Finding Your Cannabis Consumer Base is So Important

Demand for cannabis products has been booming for the past several years, as more and more states relax regulations and pass new laws that allow a wider range of cannabis products than ever before. In fact, the $6.6 billion USD in legal cannabis sales surpassed that of all other organic produce combined in a recent year. However, as demand rises, the number of cannabis businesses in the country increases as well, making the market more competitive than ever before.

One hurdle every cannabis brand must leap is learning how to effectively market to cannabis customers, a tricky task in and of itself. Not only are cannabis consumers widely spread across multiple ages and other demographic groups, their motivation for purchasing cannabis products varies widely as well. For these reasons, it is crucial to have a good plan for how your business will market to the cannabis consumer.

Marketing Cannabis Brands

When it comes to promoting your cannabis brand, it's essential to develop a marketing strategy that not only reaches cannabis consumers but targets your unique product's ideal customer base. With such a wide range of cannabis products on the market today, the implementation of any marketing tool will look a bit different for each cannabis business. However, these actionable tips can be honed to fit your brand and reach your key demographics:

  1. Utilize Segmentation Best Practices

    As mentioned above, depending on your product type, you'll likely need to target a particular age or other demographic group to ensure you're finding the most lucrative customer base for your product. For example, if you have a heavy focus on pain relief, targeting the aging population as well as fitness and health enthusiasts is a wise move. Similarly, if your brand focuses heavily on recreational food and beverage, you might want to target the millennial and Gen Z population.

    Start by analyzing your current sales data to determine which groups are buying your products as well as which are key groups you'd like to target for growth. Then, create a detailed buyer persona for each of these groups to help you form a more targeted marketing message for each; key focuses should be their shopping habits, cannabis consumption motivations, education level, income level, and media access points. Finally, be sure to revisit these personas after each marketing effort to analyze their efficacy and identify areas for improvement.

  2. Tell Your Brand's Story

    While cannabis use has been accepted on a marginal basis for several years, this broader cannabis market in the United States and Canada is still considered an emerging market. This presents you with a unique opportunity to engage your consumer base without having to beat out an industry leader – however, you'll also need to compete with many other brands in the same position. To stand out among the crowd, consider relaying your brand's unique story.

    Use your social media marketing and packaging to let your customers know what makes you unique. Why are you in the cannabis industry and how do the choices you make for your product line shape how you want your consumers to use them? Personalized, story-based brand messaging can help consumers engage with your brand in a way they cannot with larger, impersonal cannabis companies.

  3. Build Trust

    If you're selling a cannabis product, you've acquired licensing, adhered to industry best practices, and pay strict attention to local, state and federal regulations. While there are numerous product packaging requirements that necessitate display of these essential tasks, capitalizing on the trust and authority so necessary in the cannabis industry goes further than your legally required labeling. For many potential consumers on the edge of committing to a cannabis brand, positioning your brand as a source of trusted information can help tip the balance in your favor.

    Use product packaging and social media and other marketing efforts to display your authority and build trust. If you've developed an innovative solution to pain management, highlight its efficacy and your authority in the area. If you hold an area of expertise in a particular product type or cannabis strain, ensure your packaging and messaging reflects your efforts along with the necessary licensing and regulatory information.

  4. Keep Your Packaging and Messaging Consistent

    Aside from depicting elements of your brand story and expertise, you can utilize unique product packaging to set your brand apart from others. Using the segmentation tactics listed above, determine an ideal packaging scheme that targets your primary persona. For example, a persona looking for pain relief and health benefits may be attracted to a packaging scheme focused on natural, recyclable elements; a persona looking for relaxation or recreational benefits may be more apt to select a product packaged in a unique, creative manner.

    Whichever your approach, it's crucial to keep your packaging consistent with your brand messaging on social media, print ads, and other marketing touchpoints. Staying consistent across your brand's marketing efforts presents you as a reliable brand – essential for any product meant for human consumption.

  5. Choose Premier Packaging for Your Cannabis Packaging Needs

    No matter the buyer persona or product market you're targeting, trust, reliability, and consistency is key to marketing your cannabis product to your key demographics. Unfortunately, if your products don't make it to your distributors or your clients intact, all your careful attention to building trust may be for naught. For this reason, attention to your packaging components is crucial.

    Premier Packaging is your source for the pressure-sensitive labeling adhesive and hot melt case seal adhesives you need to ensure your cannabis products arrive in great condition and consistent with your marketing efforts. Products such as Technomelt Supra 106M and Technomelt Cool 250A can keep your boxes sealed under a number of stressful conditions, and ensure you're putting your best product forward no matter what.

    Contact us today for more information about how we can help your brand continue to grow.

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