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Clean-in-Place (CIP) is a method of scouring clean the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly, by automatically recirculating detergent and rinse solutions. The process consists of several cycles in which detergents, disinfectants, caustic and rinsing material is recycled through the process equipment through an automated system of tanks, valves, pumps, and heat exchangers.

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Up to the 1950s, closed systems were disassembled and brushed manually. The advent of CIP was a boon to industries that needed frequent internal sterilizing of their processes. Industries that rely heavily on CIP are those requiring high levels of hygiene, including dairy, beverage, brewing, processed foods, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.

The benefits to industries that use CIP are that the sanitizing is faster, less labor intensive, more repeatable, and poses less of a chemical exposure risk to people.

Clean in Place (CIP) is an effective solution for industries that require frequent expunging of interior surfaces and machinery. CIP is a common solution for industries to sanitize pipes, storage tanks and conveyor systems, between production runs of food, beverages, dairy, cosmetics, and other products. Clean in Place (CIP) technology is a value added technology, because it can be quickly replicated, saves labor, and is environmentally friendly to both the plant and the personnel.

CIP technology and solutions range from manual to fully automated.

PPS offers the chemicals, the systems, and the expertise to manage a manual operation, or to perform a fully automated Clean in Place (CIP) process.

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