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Conveyor belts used in bottling plants require constant lubrication to prevent friction in accumulation areas. The historical solution has been to apply high volumes of a water and soluble lubricant, which causes a variety of problems, including accidents due to slippery floors, package quality issues, replacement costs, reduced line efficiency, and use of a large volume of water for processing.

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As it is known in the food and beverage industry, wet line lubing uses a mixture of water and lubricant to keep conveyors running. Historically, plants that have used wet line lube process a great deal of water each week as part of the lube process. But just imagine how much better a plant would run, how much cleaner, and more efficient it would be without using water for lubrication?

Conveyor Belt Dry Line Lubrication

Dry Lubrication products eliminate the need to spray a lot of water and soluble lubricant. Instead, dry lubrication allows the plant to apply a small amount of lubricant on the conveyor chains and guides. As a result, the floors are dry, the lubricant consumption is minimized, there is no more waste water, no moisture forms on packages, and corrosion is mitigated.

Dry line lubrication has received a lot of press in the last few months. Plants are increasingly upgrading their product conveyor lines to dry film lubricant. Dry film lubricants present a lower cost alternative for water-and-soap lubrication with considerable economical, hygienic and ecological advantages:

  • Water Savings
  • Improved Manufacturing Process
  • Reduced risk of hazards
  • Reduced growth of bacteria
  • Cost savings

Plants consistently report up to a total of 50% reduction in direct costs for maintenance, repair, lubricant, water, wastewater disposal, and energy usage as well as lower cost for labor and parts exchange.

Switching over from traditional wet lubrication to dry lubrication can be done safely and creates the opportunity to reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

SMART TRACK dry line lube from PPS replaces conventional, bottling line wet chain lubrication with a green and highly effective technology. It uses an incredible 98% less chemicals, while reducing the usage of water by nearly 100%. An average sized bottling plant needs about 2,600 gallons of conventional lubricants per year to keep its bottles moving on the conveyor belts -SMART TRACK only uses about 40 gallons to accomplish the same task. Because Smart Track is not diluted prior to use, the water saved during one year of dry lubrication in such a plant, as much as 800,000 gallons, could fill 2 Olympic swimming pools.

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